Why it works


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Authentic and Responsive

"Dynamic, built upon the group's needs and strengths to collectively advance each of us through collaborative dialogue, led by insightful questions, and teaching of the trainer."

Kimber Shray

"Excellent content. I felt like the class was designed just for my situation."

Sue Perricone
Custom Marketing Solutions

"The interaction and learning by doing was valuable. The trainer was authentic and knowledgeable and promoted a comfortable atmosphere to learn."

Josh Kramlich

"This was very helpful without feeling threatening in any way, unlike some others I have experienced."

Marilyn Lear
Elmira College Listening Skills Workshop

"A very effective course which does what it's title implies. Jennie is a very effective instructor, who has the rare quality of engaging with each participant as an individual. I felt as though the course was personalized for me."

Ian Wang
Senior Trade Commissioner
Australian Embassy

"It was a pleasure working and learning from Jennifer Grau. She often adjusted the program to the needs of the class, took questions and made time to answer them. Very interactive, my needs were met."

Laurer Smeve

"This is an excellent workshop. A great trainer and most credible. She made role playing comfortable for us – this is a difficult skill to apply and the role playing could (but didn't) make one feel stupid. The workshop is thought provoking, paradigm changing and fun. Jennie is very passionate, intelligent and competent at conveying ideas on listening."

Rami Nasr