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Remarkable Learning Experience

"You will learn more than you expect. Jennifer will bring other areas of influence and learning into the class."

Mark Trojanowski
Associate Director, Global Internal Audit
Praxair, Inc.

"The content is engaging, thoughtful and provocative, with many fascinating examples. Instructor was excellent; an expert, thoughtful and a skilled teacher."

Michael Van Biema
Vice President
School Construction Authority
New York City Department of Design and Construction

"If you want a class that challenges you every minute of the day, this is the course for you! Great job – thanks!"

Robert Rotond

"This workshop was excellent for having your presentation skills dissected in a supportive environment."

Kathy McDonnough
Specialist, Consumer Service System
General Chemical Corporation

"Informative, enlightening and fun !!! Life changing … Great two days. Learned a lot."

M. Davis
Cornell workshop

"I'm not a big fan of courses with interactive exercises, but this course was the exception. I enjoyed and learned from the exercises."

Kurt Miller
Lurton Engineer

"Exceptional delivery and knowledge of subject matter."

Carol Barnum
HR Coordinator
Verizon Wireless

"Last week I attended a two day listening class. I went in skeptical, expecting to be bored. However, I came out charged up and excited. I felt I'd been away from work on a vacation that was relaxing, therapeutic, and informative. Jennie was an amazing person to work with, conveying her knowledge and her sincere belief in the power of listening to help us in our job and in our lives generally. In a very short time, she was able to bring together a stimulating group of employees and get us to bond with and teach each other. Although I can't say it changed my life, I felt it made me more aware of things that could do so."

Douglas M. Jacobs-Moore
Copy Editor
Standard and Poors

"Quite challenging. Keeps you engaged and really makes you think."

Phillipa Rose
HR Resources Manager
Lloyd's Register Americas

"This workshop was excellent for having your presenting skills dissected in a supportive environment. Jennie is an exceptional instructor."

Kathy Mc Donouye
Elmira College Listening Skiils Workshop

"This workshop is thought provoking, paradigm changing and fun. Jennifer is passionate, intelligent and competent at conveying ideas about listening."

Rami Nasr

"The workshop shop deals with an activity that produces a high level of anxiety, and yet, the environment was supportive, rather than threatening. The instructor was expert, focused, used humor effectively, and succeeded in engaging the participants."

Joan Dannenberg
Cornell class Presenting

"The trainer did an incredible job creating a comforting environment that made it easy for learning. I was able to gain a tremendous amount from this course, more than I anticipated. I walked in apprehensive and while I know I have work to do, I feel confident that the tools provided me through this course will help me become a better listener. Jennifer provided the tools and resources for me to apply my new skills. The practice during the course was critical. Jennifer's compassion and empathy made this material safe and comfortable to learn."

Caren Begun

"I was dreading the course. It ended up being positive and fun. I gained a lot. Excellent instructor. She has the ability to put students at ease so they feel safe and don't fear ridicule and humiliation. I loved her teaching style. She broke the subject matter into a clear, concise format, and presentation mythology. I would recommend this course to others."

Lisa Leigh
Director of Regulatory Affairs
Chanel Inc.

"The things we take for granted in life like listening to others. This was a wonderful eye and ear opener. The trainer was very passionate and caring."

Millie Pena
Weil Medical

"The instructor is amazing, educated and very engaging. Very beneficial for ALL levels of employment. Excellent, best course I've taken at Cornell."

Jennifer Storm
Power of Listening workshop