Why it works


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Worth the Time and Money

"It is probably the best money they have spent on me!"

Ana Harrington
Senior Underwriter
Chubb Group of Insurance

"Excellent tool for real use. Worth the pile of email that will be waiting for me."

Laticia Budus
Cornel Workshop

"Best two days I've ever spent. Worthwhile. Pat Hunter is amazing. Time flew by."

Elizabeth Prouty
Cornell Present

"I must admit, I went to the workshop with the belief that I could not learn anything new. I was wrong. The skills I learned will come in handy in my professional and personal life. I will highly recommend this workshop for my coworkers. Thank you!"

Angela Reyes

"Do not prejudge this listening workshop. More worth while than expected. Trainer was effective/responsive to the needs and dynamics of the group."

John P. Rourke
U.S. Department of Agriculture

"The thought of a two day workshop is always hard in a busy work environment, but this one is worth it. Thanks this was awesome learning experience."

Paulette Rude
Tiffany & Co.

"Definitely worth while and I gained specific skills I can immediately apply. Trainer knows her topic and was very proficient in relating to the students. You made the class fun and I never felt bored."

Sandy Clements
Cornell Listening workshop

"The training was perfect. It made great use of our time and employed many different training techniques that were both fun and effective."

Melissa Tominey
Tiffany & Co.

"The workshop is a good value for the money and time. As a good listener, you will save time for many more years to come."

Natarajan Krishnamoorthy
Project Manager
Teacher's Retirement System of NYC

"Take it, use her. This is the best facilitated course of any I've attended."

Patricia Swale
Corrnell Present