Why it works


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Exceptional Instruction

"Excellent instructor. Out of 5 she gets 105. Beyond my expectations. She taught a life lesson, not just for professional development."

LaToya Jauer

"Best two days I"ve ever spent. Worthwhile. Pat Hunter is amazing. Time flew by."

Elizabeth Prouty
Cornell Present Presentation Skills Workshop

"I think the workshop was much more impressive than what I thought it would be. Jennifer is a fantastic trainer, with a wealth of knowledge, resources and skills to offer."

Karen T. Comfort

"Take this course! The trainer is fantabolus. Better than fantastic, better than fabulous - fantabulous."

Michael DeLosa

"Loved the interactive work. I think you are an amazing facilitator. Highly articulate and very well paced – almost orchestrated to perfection."

Cornell Listening Workshop

"This workshop provides valuable information on many levels regardless of the skill level of the participants. Jennie is an amazing trainer who has an amazing breadth of techniques and talents. She provides real life examples that really concretize the concepts."

Gary DiDona
Assistant Director, Training

"As a seasoned trainer it is often hard to hold my interest. This trainer brought new depth, understanding and experience that kept me riveted!"

Power of Listening workshop

"What looks like work becomes an exciting adventure. Grau IC's trainings are valuable, as well as fun and entertaining."

Rob Cantor
Insinger Machine Corp

"This was about the best workshop I've ever taken. Not just because you really know the material, but because you kept the activity level changing with exercises, props, breaks, moving around the room. It was beautifully arranged to help reduce learning fatigue. I just heard a very in-depth lecture on teaching, and you actually followed his methodology."

Tom Daly
Fund Raiser
Polytechnic Institute of NYU

"Take this workshop! I've rarely seen such a deft intermingling of activities, lecture, fun and instructor."

Cornell Listening Workshop

"One of the best trainings I've ever attended. Jennie is the best!"

Mary Probst
Assistant Director
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

"Jennie was wonderful. She showed great patience when I needed it and understanding. She believes in total involvement and making sure everything we need to learn will be taken with us. I'd take a class from her again."

Denise Beckley

"Great approach for me to learn. Modeled the tools while teaching them. Great practice and feedback. Enjoyed the meaningful and relevant exercises and feedback from others was great. Brought me out of my comfort zone and I thank Jennifer for that. Having the charts around the room was a great learning tool and eye opener."

Nina Jackson
Communication Specialist
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Satellite and Information Service.