Why it works


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Real World Application

"A worthwhile program with immediate takeaways. One of the most effective trainers I've ever encountered."

Ian Wing
Senior Trade Commissioner
Australian Embassy

"When I attend Carole's Presentation Skills Seminar, I had minimal experience in speaking in front of large groups and lacked the confidence to do so. Carole changed all that. She has the knowledge and the skills to develop an individual's potential and confidence. She teaches you various strategies to become comfortable when speaking in front of large groups. I am now the director of my department. Every day when working with staff members, the public, or when I provide training or make a presentation to groups of individuals I use many of the different skills Carole taught me each day. I have incorporated the skills Carole taught me in my own training programs."

Armin Holdorf
Director of Field Services

"Excellent course, necessary for any company."

Thomas Quigley
Electrical Systems Manager
Yale University, School of Medicine

"I truly enjoyed this workshop because the knowledge gained will help me both professionally and personally. The trainer was patient with the group and made adjustments in instructing as needed to ensure the topic was related effectively."

Antoinette M. Carlos
U.S. Department of Agriculture

"Wonderful class. Powerful insights and skills to be utilized in work and life."

Myron Cichanowsky
Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc.

"Opens your eyes to your REAL fears about speaking in public, and destroys those fears."

David Lazarr
Cornell Presentation Skills Workshop

"Useful, insightful, enjoyable!"

Anna Hong
Finance Manager
Schering Plough

"Brought the training to a real level so I can apply the concepts and techniques to my life and work."

Susan Sweeney
Cornell Listening Workshop Ithica

"Excellent workshop and trainer. The skills are powerful in improving my communication in the workplace and personally."

Kurt Miller

"Since working with Grau IC, thousands of AFSCME rank and file members and staff have graduated from a rigorous, two-day session that results in stronger, more listener-focused and action-oriented presentations. The curriculum is accredited by the National Labor College, and it is one of the AFSCME Education Department's flagship programs. The AFSCME staff who facilitate this program have increased our knowledge of communications principles, our ability to effectively coach participants, and our own presentation skills. Our partnership with Jennie and Grau IC has been one of our most fruitful and rewarding efforts of the last decade."

Elissa McBride
Director Education Department

"Improve your business and relationships by embracing the power of listening!!"

Caroline La Guerre – Brown